Inflection Point: Exploring the Sensor Revolution

Carefully curated by Design News editors, Inflection Point: Exploring the Sensor Revolution, an eBook sponsored by Futek, provides you updates on key elements in the ongoing sensor revolution. You’ll find both back-to-basics articles for standard and emerging sensor technologies, and application trends for advanced sensors.

On the fundamentals side, you’ll:

  • brush up on the basics and learn something new
  • read about the fundamentals of a strain gauge transducer to understand how the gauge works and fully apply the technology correctly
  • see why differential instrumentation amplifiers are essential for strain gauge load and pressure sensor measurements
  • be reminded of the crucial differences between force, torque, and pressure measurements by the connection between Richard Feynman’s famous lecture notes and NASA applications
  • learn why often forgotten sensor characterization is one of the most important tasks to ensure product development success for load and pressure applications
  • why proofs-of-concept and alpha/beta hardware prototyping are challenging but critical in product development

On the applications side, you’ll learn:

  • how sensors are playing an increasingly important role in the healthcare industry and revolutionizing a SARS-CoV-2 detection system
  • how sensor technology from Iowa State has been commercialized to help detect histamine and other pathogens in fish and meat to ensure its safe for consumption
  • how NASA and Germany’s Fraunhofer have been exploring the uses of real-time, highly accurate measurement and control motion based on fiber optic sensing systems (FOSS)
  • the struggles in semiconductors as EDA chip tool vendors deal with lifecycle issues in embedded IoT sensor designs that require serious silicon lifecycle management

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