OGN series open fuse holder is now Through-Hole Reflow (THR) compatible for fully automated PCB assembly

SCHURTER introduces the OGN series open fuse holder for 5x20 mm fuses


Santa Rosa, California, July 29nd, 2022 – SCHURTER is known for its compact high-performance fuse holders, and the OGN series open fuse...

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Santa Rosa, California, July 29nd, 2022SCHURTER is known for its compact high-performance fuse holders, and the OGN series open fuse holder for 5x20 mm fuses is no exception. The series now offers a version that is compatible with Through-Hole Reflow (THR) solder processes, in addition to the existing THT and SMT versions.

SMT components are used for PCB assemblies. Ideally, these components are compatible with solder reflow processes to fully automate the assembly. While THT components offer a board mounted solution, they are typically not designed for the rigors of a reflow process. In these cases, a second soldering step is necessary. The additional manual step required for THT assembly is time consuming and allows additional margin for error.

The solution is Through-Hole Reflow (THR) components, combining the features of PCB THT mounting with a component capable of withstanding the high thermal stress of a reflow oven. The THR component is first printed into the pin vias, and then pushed through the solder paste. As the paste melts in the reflow oven, the liquid solder retracts into the vias, due to wetting and capillary forces, to form the solder joint.

As with existing OGN series open fuse holders, the OGN THR is designed for various types of 5x20mm fuses. The series is rated 16 A at 500 VAC/VDC according to UL and CSA and 10/16 A at 500 VAC according to VDE. The series can be enclosed with an optional cover. Rated power acceptance according to IEC is 4W / 16A at Ta 23°C for the version without cover. A black cover offers a power acceptance of 4W / 10A and a transparent cover is approved at 2.5W / 10A. Admissible ambient air temperature range is -40°C to 85°C. The OGN series also complies with enhanced fire safety requirements and features glow wire resistance according to IEC 60335-1. The OGN THR is fully backwards compatible with the OGN THT.

Pricing for the OGN THR starts at about $0.40 each in 500-piece quantities. Pack unit is 100 bulk or 320 on Blister tape for pick and place. Link to OGN THR Data Sheet and OGN Whitepaper. For sales and product information, contact Savannah Lee at (800) 848-2600 or by email at [email protected].


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Published by Schurter, Inc. on Jul 29, 2022

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