Tsubaki Launches The New BRUS Line of External High Speed Backstops


U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission, LLC announces the launch of a new line of external, high-speed overrunning backstop. The all-new BRUS backstops utilize the 100+ years of engineering and manufacturing excellence at Tsubaki® to provide a powerful and long-lasting backstop solution.

The Tsubaki BRUS backstops are designed to replace the Falk® BIF model external high-speed backstops. Tsubaki utilizes a unique felt ring seal and labyrinth body seal design to prevent grease leaking or ingress of contaminants to provide a backstop with superior performance and advanced protection. The Tsubaki cam design provides non-rollover protection and “lift-off” operation to ensure a low operating temperature and long life. The flexible design of the BRUS torque arm allows for re-use during regular maintenance and replacement.

Tsubaki offers a wide selection of backstop and clutch products designed to fit the needs of specific applications, including internal and external backstops as well as overrunning and indexing clutches. For more information on Tsubaki backstops and clutches, or to request a catalog, please visit www.ustsubaki.com or call 800-323-7790.

To learn more about Tsubaki’s new BRUS series backstops, please download the product flyer at: https://www.ustsubaki.com/pdf/BRUS-Series-Flyer.pdf

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Published by US Tsubaki Power Transmission, LLC on Jul 25, 2018

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