Our advantages:

1. From idea-to-product comprehensive design capabilities.

2. Evaluation, selection and localization of the proper materials and parts.

3. Selection of the most cost-efficient manufacturing technologies.

4. Fast estimation for costs of materials and production.

5. Wide selection of rapid and precise prototyping technologies.

6. Wide range of metal fabrication solutions.

˙Pressure, gravity, sand and wax casting for aluminum, zinc alloys and steel

˙Multi-dimensional high-precision CNC machining

˙Advanced MIM as well as conventional metallurgy for steel, copper, bronze

˙Forging manufacturing technologies

˙Precision stamping, sheet fabrication and extrusion manufacturing

7. Complete solution for functional or aesthetical plating and coating.

˙ROHS/WEEE-compliant plating

˙EMI/EMS coatings

˙Corrosion and oxidation protection

˙Hardness enhancement coatings

˙Coloring through painting or plating techniques

˙Decorative treatments for metals, plastic and silicon/rubber

8. Fast molding and tooling solutions for metal, plastic, silicon/rubber, including:

˙Thin wall molding

˙Clear and high-polish molding

˙Double-shot, insert and over molding

˙Multi-cavity, cavity combination and cavity separate injection/forming

9. Flexible combination of manufacturing techniques

˙High-precision laser cutting and engraving, NCT punching and NC bending

˙Robotic arc welding

˙Casting/forging and precision CNC milling ˙Multi-component injection and forming

˙Ultrasound welding

10. Years of experience in manufacturing, assembly and testing of IP5x/6x water-proof mechanical structures.

11. Manufacturing ISO 13485 & ISO 10993 compliant medical and health products.

12. Expertise in development and production of mil-specs and standards compliant industrial products.

13. Low-batch (volume) production-ready to match customers’ market demand.

14. Assembly solutions for semi-final and final products.

15. Electronics manufacturing solutions through partner services.

16. Flexible choice of production locations to choose from our bases in China or Taiwan.


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