One Part, Thermally Conductive, High Temperature Epoxy

epoxySet  provides the EB-403-1LV-T1, thermally conductive, structural adhesive. 


This low outgassing formulation is approved to NASA specifica...

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This low outgassing formulation is approved to NASA specification ASTM E-595-07.  It is a heat cure epoxy that delivers excellent dielectric properties and electrical insulation enabling it to be used for thermal management in demanding electronic applications. High bond strength to metals, ceramics and engineered plastics is evident even during temperature cycling of -55 to 260°C. The low coefficient of expansion and high thermal conductivity make this an excellent choice for bonding coils, ferrites, connectors and motors allowing for heat dissipation and providing part stability.

epoxySet is a custom formulator and manufacturer of engineered epoxy, urethane, silicone and grease systems for the electronic, medical, semiconductor, optics, automotive and aerospace industries. We specialize in unique custom formulations.  Call us at 401-726-4500 to discuss unique solutions for any engineering application.

EpoxySet,  Phone: 401-726-4500, Fax:401-726-2502.

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