Is there a benefit to 3D printing a mold?

A look at the benefits of using Xcentric Mold & Engineering's Advanced Mold Making system and Proprietary Process Engine as it compares to 3D Printing for injection molding.


The 3D printing market is growing.  We seem to be introduced to new ways of using the technology almost every day. We are even seeing 3D printing being used to print molds for the injection molding process.

But, how does this benefit the manufacturing process? Are there limitations to using 3D printing for injection molding?  Can you get parts faster using a 3D printed mold?

Is there a benefit to 3D printing a mold?
Xcentric Mold vs. 3D Printed Mold

How do 3D printing molds match-up against Xcentric’s Advanced Mold Making and Proprietary Process Engine?


Published by Xcentric Mold & Engineering on May 10, 2016

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