How Cable Selection/Installation Impacts Robot

If you work with robots, you've noticed them getting faster and more advanced in their overall capabilities, even as uptime requirements become increasingly stringent. But it's not just the robots that keep evolving. Components like cables and connectors must keep pace with today's advanced robotics technology. Without a reliable source for power and signal, even the sturdiest robots will fail. This presentation covers the trends that are shaping today's robotics technology, helping expand their use beyond well-established automotive applications. Attendees will learn how cable selection and installation can augment these trends to save space and optimize robot performance. They will also discover why customized cables are required for specific robot applications. Key Take-Aways
  • Understand how cable selection and installation empower robot technology
  • Learn how braking velocity and torsional stress impact robot efficiency
  • Learn why robot cables are specifically designed to withstand torsion/flexing loads
  • Understand why flexible as well as continuous flex cables are not the right choice for robotic applications

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How Cable Selection/Installation Impacts Robot

Published by LAPP USA on Sep 07, 2016

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