Electroformed Metal Bellows

Electroformed metal bellows manufactured by Servometer are utilized for metallic hermetic seals, volume compensators, pressure and temperature sensors, flexible connectors, and countless other applications where quality, dependability, and long life are critical requirements. Metal bellows manufactured by electrodeposition create flexibility, protection, motion, and balance for systems requiring precise, repeatable results. Servometer is the foremost manufacturer of electrodeposited bellows. Electrodeposited (or electroformed) bellows are available in various materials, including nickel, gold, silver and copper bellows, to ensure the proper design for an application. Our electrodeposited (electroformed) bellows are lightweight, seamless, leak tight, flexible and repeatable. Standard sizes are available through our FC Bellows product line. Servometer’s experienced engineering and manufacturing staff can design and assemble finished components to simplify your installation and increase performance.



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