Examining System Challenges When Implementing Next Generation Data Center Input/Output (I/O) Connectivity

As the networking industry moves to develop higher data rates to support next generation demands, there are also simultaneous demands to support higher Input/Output (I/O) port densities, higher I/O module power dissipation, improved signal integrity, maintain cable reach and satisfactory electromagnetic interference (EMI) performance. In this paper, we will discuss the comparative differences of three state-of-the-art port types including micro quad small form-factor pluggable (microQSFP), quad small form-factor pluggable double density (QSFP-DD) and octal small form-factor pluggable (OSFP). These new I/O ports address the conflicting performance demands in different ways and the comparative performance differences will be presented using a combination of simulation and measurement methods. A summary will be provided highlighting the relative ability of the different port types to meet next generation market needs.

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