Born to Move: Means Industries - Launching the Next Phase of Propulsion Technology for Electrified Vehicles

Amsted Automotive offers leading-edge electrified and advanced propulsion solutions for customers in North America, Europe, and Asia. Amsted Automotive is the merger of two of its century-old, core Tier 1 automotive supply business units, Means Industries and Burgess-Norton, to form a new and innovative technology team. Our combined group offers an expanded global presence with 21 facilities in North America, Asia, and Europe to adequately serve the global customer base with a robust manufacturing footprint producing over 100 million components and assemblies annually. Amsted Automotive combines process design and engineering expertise so that we can serve as both an agile and global leader in advanced metal-forming, powder metal manufacturing, and electro-mechanical clutch design.


Amsted Automotive Group
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Saginaw, MI
United States
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