What is a Multi Start Flexure

A multi-start flexure has equally spaced coils manufactured into the part, such that they simultaneously carry the loads applied to the part.

In torsion springs, using a multi-start spring allows for a higher torsional stiffness to be obtained and greater torque to be transmitted.

For couplings, as well, using a multi-start flexure allows for a higher torsional stiffness and greater torque, without as significant an increase in radial loads that a single-start flexure would impose.

For compression and extension springs, a multi-start flexure provides the benefit of resolving the moment at the ends of the part during loading, allowing the ends of the part to remain parallel during deflection.

Another benefit that a multi-start flexure has, is to provide redundancy if one of the coils fails during operation. The spring may continue to operate, at a reduced level of performance, until it can be replaced.


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