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Founded in 1991, Littlestar Plastics is the rare engineered polymer compan...

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Founded in 1991, Littlestar Plastics is the rare engineered polymer company that can both design and manufacture components, parts or assemblies and create them through fabrication, machining or injection molding. It is one of just a few companies in the world that can custom mold parts up to two pounds.

The company has grown by fixing issues other companies wouldn't attempt on timelines most companies can’t meet. Companies come to Littlestar because its engineers know how the manufacturing process works. Littlestar can get into a design, break down a process and figure out a way to make it better. Littlestar specializes in manufacturing to tight tolerances using performance plastics like Torlon, Ultem and PEEK. 

Littlestar works with companies in industries ranging from automotive and fuel cells to medical equipment, but its major work is done in the temperature-sensitive food service and the exacting aerospace fields. There are Littlestar parts and components on almost every commercial airplane built in the western hemisphere and in almost every fast food soft-serve ice cream machine.

Based in Machesney Park, Illinois, Littlestar is both ISO9001 and AS9100 certified.

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